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Gold Mineral Aquarium Water 8 Fluid Oz. (236 ml) Bottle

Particle Size:  

*Atomic Size Particles are hundreds of thousands of times smaller than nanoparticles.  

 Atomic Size Particles of most metals are "Trace Minerals"
 According to EPA studies Trace Minerals are Non-Toxic
This product contains a high PPM concentration of fine atomic particles that are attached to the water molecules.  This feature means that no chemicals are are used or required in its manufacture.


Such particles sizes are considered to be trace elements and much safer than traditional nanoparticle products found elsewhere, and perfect to penetrate the Free Radicals that produce premature aging as well as other metabolic issues.


Purity:   100% Pure Distilled Water and Gold, The most perfected Colloidal Gold in the world. Made with No Chemicals

Colloidal Silver 8000 PPM 4 oz. 


Can be Used for:

'Varient' Support 
Skin Eruption Support
Immune System Support
Internally and externally Use

Silver in the Atomic State is non-metallic and is 0.1 nm in size, the smallest ever achieved. Silver Atoms are Crystal-like Minerals that stab and penetrate 'varients' and boost the immune system by allowing the T Cells to work. In contrast, nanoparticles are metallic, massive, and rub the 'varients' with no penetration.
Silver Saturated Water Molecules are like Cluster Bombs that release the Silver Atoms (Micro Bullets) inside the bloodstream. Hundreds of thousands of Silver atoms infiltrate and neutralize invading 'varients' quickly rendering noticeable results within hours if not days. 

Immune Perfecto - Colloidal Copper

Perfect Immune Support with Colloidal Silver, Copper, and Zinc: The Atomic Particle Extraction Method binds Silver, Copper, and Zinc Atoms to Water Molecules.  Each Molecule contains 10,000 Atomic particles of each element, and NO other company can blend these three elements without the use of chemicals. 

A healthy immune system equals a healthy body.

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