ArthroClear: Bone - Joint and Cell Strength Support 16 Oz Bottle

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ArthroClear:  Colloidal Mineral Blend - 

Powerful Arthri - Arthro - Oseto - Alzhi- Demn  - Support


Strength:   PPM  4000 of: Gold, Germanium, Ruthenium, and Titanium, 2000 PPM of Boron Trace Minerals.


The amazing benefits of this amazing Dietary Supplement lies in its unique blend of trace minerals of metals. These noble metals include Boron, Gold, Germanium, Ruthenium, and Titanium, which, unfortunately, most foods do not have enough of those trace minerals, but we have solved that problem.  


*ArthoClear boosts the bodies' immune system to sooth joint and maintain cellular health from head to toe!


Biofilm is a somewhat slimy film composed of viruses and bacteria. If you have ever touched an underwater rock, you can feel a slimy substance on the surface, which is a type of Biofilm.


Biofilm is a significant problem in the health community. It has been reported that Biofilm encapsulates  encapsulates affected areas causes symptoms to linger longer than they should, oftentimes making health conditions worse since it blocks the T Cells from reaching the affected areas.


This combination of elements plus Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM and up, are great at helping break down and deter Biofilm.


Made of 100% natural ingredients, ArthoClear is a must-have product for persons looking to energize their fragile bones, joints, cells and mental acuity.


Nobody else on the planet makes Atomic Size Particles out of difficult elements such as Gold, Germanium, Ruthenium and even Titanium! 

*Particle Size:   Trace Minerals are millions of times smaller than nanoparticles.  This product contains a high PPM concentration of fine trace minerals that are attached to the approximately 4000 water molecules.   Trace Minerals are not metallic, but are crystal minerals of the said element(s).  

Ingredients:     Distilled Water and  Colloidal Boron, Gold, Germanium, Ruthenium and Titanium Trace Minerals. 


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