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Posted by as on 27th May 2021

​Atomic Particle/Trace Mineral mcg per dose

One of the challenges GoldenGevity had in the past was getting the proper Laboratory Tests that proved the content of the Elements.The EPA Standard had been the ICP MS test; it proved great to detect …

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Posted by Al Soto on 14th May 2021

Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver PPM Explained

The consumers must understand that Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver PPM is not the same as Nanoparticle PPM.Before GoldenGevity entered the Colloidal Silver Industry, NO other company in the world has …

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Posted by AS on 5th Apr 2018

PET vs Glass Bottles

Should Supplements be Packaged in Glass Bottles or Plastic?Many other companies have made it a mission to stress how important it is to use Glass Bottles, often pointing out the harmful chemical agent …

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