Posted by Al Soto on 17th Apr 2021

Metallic Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver, is it Good for the Body?

All of the allegations and concerns about the safety of Colloidal Silver have been towards Silver Nanoparticles. There are plenty of scientific studies that prove this, such as:,

"Argyria and argyrosis are the principle effects associated with heavy deposition of insoluble silver precipitates in the dermis and cornea/conjunctiva."

Insoluble Silver Precipitates aka nanoparticles, are the reasons for many side effects, including kidney stones (since nanoparticles can build up in the kidneys and liver.

Nanoparticles are Heavy Insoluble Metals!

But with GoldenGevity Colloidal Silver YOU do not need to be concerned: The EPA has studied Silver Minerals aka Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver:

EPA(CASRN 7440-22-4):  

"An LD-50 (Lethal Dose) test was performed in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) Regulations, 16 CFR 1500.

Pure silver mineral was given to a number of both male and female test rats. The amount of silver mineral given to the rats was 5g/kg, or the equivalent of a 200 pound man taking 192 teaspoons of silver mineral 10 ppm solution at one time.

Results: Under the conditions of the study, there was no mortality or significant evidence of toxicity observed in the rats. The test article (pure silver mineral) would not be considered toxic at a dose of 5g/kg by oral route in the rat.

"Individual formulations have different inherent potentials for toxicity as it relates to their content of non-pure form of silver such as colloidal salts and proteins."

The EPA's words not ours:

           "Pure silver mineral is by definition non-toxic."

Particle Size, High PPM Concentrations, and guaranteed Chemical-Free production are important to your health and must be considered when you are making your decision to buy the best Colloidal Silver Product.

Silver Bullion Nanoparticles are never good for the body. According to Rice University 2012 colloidal Silver Report, nanoparticles are too large and have nothing to do with the antiviral effects of nanoparticle colloidal silver. That it is the much smaller particles that the Electrolysis process also produces, and they are Ions. We believe most likely Silver Atoms may also be made in their process, but Rice University did not test for silver atomic particles.

Sellers of nanoparticle and Ionic products like to make the "average" consumer think that "they have more silver," and that our company has a "Fraction" of the Silver content.

At this point, one has to ask themselves:

1. "Am I buying Silver Bullion?

2. "Am I looking for a product that is safe?"

3. "Am I looking for an effective  product that delivers results?"

4. "Am I tired of buying hyped up products that are a dime a dozen?"

Let's examine this with common sense logic:

When you take colloidal silver (any kind), your stomach tries to break down the particles into Atomic Size Particles, aka "Trace Minerals."

Whatever cannot be utilized, or if the particles are too large, they should get excreted with the rest of the unused food, but they do not. The electrolysis process that makes nanoparticles does not make consistent particle sizes and can vary from 5 nm to 400 nm.                       


Some may get transformed into smaller particles, but most will not. The danger with the smaller nanoparticles is that they may get trapped in the kidneys or liver and create other long-term health problems, like urinary tract infections or other liver problems, as warned by the Mayo Clinic nanoparticle colloidal silver report.


We have since 2007 stated that nanoparticles are hard, metallic heavy metals. When silver metals are ingested, the stomach acids try to break down the silver particles; in the process, it also creates silver hydroxides (chemical compounds) that cause other long-term health problems as well as hair loss. 

How do we know this? 

Because if you look at the back of the label on prescription drugs that use HCI (the same as our stomach acid), one of the side effects is hair loss.

Is Silver "Nanoparticle Bullion" good for the body?

Sellers of Low PPM products attempt to discredit our products as having very little silver. Yet, the way the body process's silver nanoparticles, you may not get any silver from their weak products at all.

In reality, you do not need Silver Bullion Nanoparticles because most of them get expelled or trapped in the human body anyways. Atomic Particles of Silver (or other metals) are already broken down to the optimal size that the body can immediately put to use without clogging your organs, and they are NOT metallic!

GoldenGevity Colloidal Silver not only has the Highest PPM, but they are indeed the SAFEST and MOST EFFECTIVE Immune Support products in the world!

Silver Atomic Particles are "Crystal-like" minerals; moreover, our minerals do not react with acids of any kind; hence there are NO visible chemically induced color variations in our liquid solutions. Just super tiny atomic crystal minerals that the body can quickly assimilate and expel when the particles are no longer needed.

Plus, most everyone knows that crystals have unique Metaphysical and Piezoelectric Effects, thereby stimulating the immune system.

The Silver Minerals (atomic particles) boost your immune system to the point where it "kicks in hyper overdrive" and immediately attacks what is trying to attack you.

GoldenGevity has SOLVED the Toxicity Problem of Nanoparticles!

With impeccable attributes such as:

  1. High PPM 2000 to 12,000PPM
  2. EPA-approved Silver Minerals.
  3. Silver Minerals are 0.1nm smaller than an angstrom!
  4. Silver Minerals attached to Water Molecules!
  5. Silver Minerals are not Solid Insoluble Heavy Metals.
  6. Chemical Free Production Process, NO Chemicals or Herbal by-products are used in our production process.

GoldenGevity has truly perfected Colloidal Silver with the SAFEST and most EFFECTIVE Colloids in the world! But do not take our word for it, listen to Maria, who tried everything:

Thank You, Loyal customers!