Posted by as on 26th May 2021

​Atomic Particle/Trace Mineral mcg per dose

One of the challenges GoldenGevity had in the past was getting the proper Laboratory Tests that proved the content of the Elements.

The EPA Standard had been the ICP MS test; it proved great to detect "base elements" such as Silver and other non-noble metals.

Then, they approved the EPA OES that is a bit more accurate and detects (we believe inaccurately) Gold and other elements but in meager Amounts.

After doing careful research, the ICP tests are not for Gold and Noble metal elements.

Gold and other noble metal particles evaporate along with the H20 when the Plasma Arc is applied to the solution to detect the noble metals.

It is strange that 4000 PPM Colloidal Silver shows an encouraging mcg per dose, while Gold and other noble metals at 4000 PPM report an extremely low mcg.

By FDA Law, we have to report what is on the certificate of analysis even though the test is not accurate for noble metals.

We still believe that 4000 PPM Gold has just as much of the element as does Silver. We have many long-term customers that love the Colloidal Gold product and continuously reorder.

Just remember, Atomic Particle Colloids are the newest product since Nikola Tesla (who also used and prescribed Colloidal Silver).

Being so new to the world, scientists have not studied our products as they have nanoparticle colloids.

Rest assured, you are getting the finest products in the world!