LifeGevity: Colloidal Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium & Ruthenium 8 Oz Bottle

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LifeGevity: Better than the Superfood of the ancients!  

Noble Metal Trace Mineral Elements in Distilled Water, in 8 OZ bottle.


Colloidal Pure Noble Metal Trace Mineral Blend of:

Gold (*4000 PPM)
Iridium (*4000 PPM)
 Platinum(*4000 PPM)
 Rhodium (*4000 PPM)
 Ruthenium (*4000 PPM)
*Atomic Size Particles are hundreds of thousands of times smaller than the massive nanoparticles that others promote. They are "True Trace" minerals and are 0.1 nm in size (smaller than an angstrom); this means they can penetrate a cell and stimulate DNA into perfection quicker than any other product since we are the leader and only manufacturer of Atomic Particle Colloids. 
Nanoparticles are not the best choice since they have been proven to be and create toxicity in the body. GoldenGevity Atomic Particle Colloidal Product particles are like super tiny crystal minerals that are no longer METALLIC, consequently sidestepping the potential risk of toxicity and rendering authentic results.

This product promotes:

  • Antiaging: Slows the aging process.
  • Over time noticeable youthful skin develops and fewer wrinkles.
  • Sharpens mental acuity (some people report higher I.Q's).
  • Helps achieve Higher Mental and Spiritual Awareness
  • Promotes Faster Recovery from sports injuries
  • It is a BEST alternative to the highly frowned upon: Adrenochrome!
  • Stimulates DNA perfection, taken at the right age; it may even perfect and increase height. 
This product is made without the use of any chemicals, our proprietary process breaks down the particles into individual Atoms and Bonds them to Water Molecule Clusters, and each cluster may contain a minimum of 10,000 Atoms of the said elements and each Water Molecule Cluster equals ONE PPM.
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