Immune Perfecto Colloidal Silver, Copper and Zinc Immune Support Supplement – 4 oz (125 ml) -Non-Toxic High PPM Atomic Trace Minerals.

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THE SYNERGISTIC POWER OF SILVER, COPPER AND ZINC: Research indicates that when combined, particles of these elements can support the body's natural defenses against certain 'Necro-tising' microbes. Those that challenge the body's tissues, these minerals work together to foster a healthier environment at the cellular level. Immune Perfecto harnesses this trio, incorporating atomic particle colloidal silver along with Copper and Zinc, to complement your immune system. This blend is designed not just to support your body's natural defenses but to enhance them with the added benefits of these essential minerals, offering a holistic approach to wellbeing. This product and be taken orally or applied topically.

SILVER, COPPER and ZINC MINERALS ARE NON-TOXIC: The trace mineral in Immune Perfecto in their Atomic State aren't metallic; instead, they exist as “Trace Crystal Minerals” measuring an unparalleled 0.1 nm—marking the smallest size ever achieved. These trace minerals feature sharp pointed and edged structures that puncture and deeply infiltrate at the cellular level, while also allowing the Immune system to do its work faster, and more effectively.

DIFFERENT PPM TYPES: Two distinct measurements exist, Atomic Particle and Nanoparticle PPM. Nanoparticles contain higher mcg due to their massive heavy metal particles size. Atomic Particle PPM comprises of 10,000 atoms per water molecule, which equals to about 20,000,000 to 120,000,000 Atomic Silver Trace Minerals per Million Parts of Water(depending on which product is used). Comparing 10 Nanoparticles to 120,000,000 Atoms one can see that GoldenGevity’s trace mineral Silver has far more micro bullets to deliver results. G

MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: GoldenGevity Atomic Silver Trace Mineral products offer exceptional value by providing the highest concentration of atomic silver particles at the lowest cost per PPM in the market.

When dividing the cost by the PPM, GoldenGevity's products typically result in a cost as lower than $0.05 per PPM. In contrast, heavy metal nanoparticles of 10 PPM silver can cost $3.00 or more per PPM, making them significantly more expensive. For instance, a hypothetical 2000 PPM silver product from such competitors could cost around $6000.00 for a single bottle.

GoldenGevity's cost efficiency combined with its high concentration underscores its superior value for consumers seeking quality trace mineral products.

HIGH PPM CONCENTRATIONS:  Our guaranteed PPM concentrations are validated by the latest TDS meters measuring up to 60,000 PPM, ensuring that every drop matches its advertised potency, with Immune Perfecto only Silver will be read by a TDS Meter than will only read the any one element that is the highest PPM — GoldenGevity offers a level of transparency and reliability unmatched by other brands that claim their PPM cannot be detected with a TDS Meter.

ATOMIC COLLOIDAL MINERALS TASTE: GoldenGevity's Atomic Colloidal Silver Trace Minerals, offer a unique taste experience that varies from person to person. Thanks to the incredibly small particle size, these minerals effortlessly penetrate taste receptors, eliciting flavors that may range from citrusy to salty and even a slight copper taste. This variation is largely influenced by an individual's metabolic state, making each experience distinctively personal.

A CLUSTER BOMB-LIKE EFFECT: In one PPM, tens of thousands of atomic-sized silver trace minerals are bonded to the 2000 to 12,000 Water Molecules. Normally, the water gets absorbed first and when taken on an empty stomach. Each silver, copper and zinc saturated water molecule would then release some 10,000-minute minerals, similar to Cluster Bombs significantly supplementing the immune response.

THE GLASS BOTTLE HYPE: Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver sellers MUST use Glass Bottles due to chemicals used in their production process. The chemicals cause leaching and spoilage if plastic bottles are used—which is clear evidence of an inferior product—they spin it as a "sales feature." At GoldenGevity,  we do not use ANY chemicals and can therefore employ safe PET/BPA Free, Food Grade bottles endorsed by regulators.

KEEP YOUR HAIR and ORGANS HEALTHY: Internal organ and gland damage can occur that will lead to undesirable long-term health complications due to the accumulation of Toxic Heavy Metal Nanoparticles that with long term use, may affect the Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas and other enzyme producing glands. Accumulated Nanoparticles and their compounds can also lead to hair loss and premature graying. In contrast, Atomic Trace Minerals have no such reports of Toxicity, if anything, EPA research (CASRN 7440-22-4) proves the NON-TOXIC nature of Silver Minerals. Atomic Silver are like crystal minerals.

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CRYSTAL CLEAR AS WATER: Our High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver, Copper and Zinc trace minerals are undetectable to the naked eye, rendering the solution "Clear as Water." Imaging requires sophisticated equipment like a Particle Accelerator, or they will need to be converted into larger particles for identification—beyond conventional chemical tests. The water molecules can be detected by a High PPM TDS meter because the liquid silver minerals are bonded to the water molecules.

MANUFACTURED IN CALIFORNIA: Currently the only state that strictly enforces adherence to Government GMP Rules & Guidelines liquid colloidal silver. This fact guarantees that GoldenGevity not only follows GMP principles but also ensures the utilization of laboratory-tested methods, resulting in products that are both safe, dependable, and deliver results much faster than nanoproducts.


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    Copper 4,000ppm - Zinc 4,000ppm -Silver 4,000

    Posted by Dr. Kevin Robert Jennings ND NYU on 16th Aug 2021

    This is only one of the outstanding products available. If for any reason you are inclined to hesitate and purchase this Immune Perfecto which is unavailable anywhere one earth just to inform you as to this exceptional liquid that will render immediate and resounding results for anyone who has a myriad of problems seemingly evading resolution because the root hasn't been addressed and these products do that and far more by recharging your cells with life and energy which can ward off anything while initiating spontaneous regeneration.