Immune Perfecto - 3000 PPM Colloidal Silver, 2000 PPM Copper and 2000 PPM Zinc- 4 oz. (125 ml) Trace Minerals for Immune Support 4 oz. (125 ml)

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Perfect Immune Support with Colloidal Silver, Copper, and Zinc: The Atomic Particle Extraction Method binds Silver, Copper, and Zinc Atoms to Water Molecules.  Each Molecule contains 10,000 Atomic particles of each element, and NO other company can blend these three elements without the use of chemicals. 


  1. Skin Eruption Support
  2. Cell Death Support
  3. Immune Revitalization
  4. Can be used internally and externally


  • Mineral Saturated Water Molecules act like Cluster Bombs that release the Silver, Copper, and Zinc Atoms (Micro Bullets). Those atoms easily penetrate at the subcellular level, as proven by Rice University's 2012 Colloidal Silver Study, while Nanos are enormous and bounce off.


  • Silver, Copper, or Zinc in the Atomic State are non-metallic; they are "Crystal Minerals" that measure 0.1 nm in size, the smallest ever achieved. Atomic Crystals have sharp points and edges that rip, shred and penetrate to boost the immune system by allowing the T Cells to work.


  • Immune Perfecto is CLEAR AS WATER due to the Atomic Particle size; atomic particles are invisible; the world's most powerful microscopes cannot see them. This Special Blend of Silver, Copper, and Zinc helps the immune system deal with the toughest 'varients' and help restore the metabolism.


  • NO Gimmicks: GoldenGevity has solved the toxicity problem. Chemicals and nanoparticles can cause hair loss, premature gray hair, or other long-term health problems. GoldenGevity NEVER uses Herbal Additives or Chemicals to make the world’s most perfect Colloidal Products.


  • GoldenGevity is NOT REQUIRED to use Glass Bottles, while other product types must use glass because the chemicals in Low-Quality products cause chemical leaching in the plastic Bottles.  We use FDA-approved Food Grade (PET) bottles.


  • GoldenGevity has Perfected the Colloidal Industry and is the only company in 172 years to develop Atomic Particle Colloids. The purest and most natural products in the industry. "Made in America" in California, the ONLY state that enforces FDA Rules and Guidelines for Dietary Supplements.



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    Copper 4,000ppm - Zinc 4,000ppm -Silver 4,000

    Posted by Dr. Kevin Robert Jennings ND NYU on 16th Aug 2021

    This is only one of the outstanding products available. If for any reason you are inclined to hesitate and purchase this Immune Perfecto which is unavailable anywhere one earth just to inform you as to this exceptional liquid that will render immediate and resounding results for anyone who has a myriad of problems seemingly evading resolution because the root hasn't been addressed and these products do that and far more by recharging your cells with life and energy which can ward off anything while initiating spontaneous regeneration.