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Colloidal Silver -Immune Support

 1000 to 12,000 PPM Colloidal Silver Products

Get Your Life Back!

  • Atomic Particles are 0.1 nm in size, the Smallest Particle Size in the History of Colloidal Silver; such particles are Trace Minerals that the body can efficiently utilize.


  • Atomic Particles eliminate the chances of toxic build-up that has been associated with Low PPM Silver. The silver atoms get expelled from the body with 30 Billion other used-up cells daily.


  • Atomic Particles are invisible, that explains why this product is Clear as Water; there are no chemicals or herbal catalysts used in the production process; such byproducts cause long term side effects.


  • The High PPM can be verified with a TDS meter.


  • Each PPM may contain tens of thousands silver (0.1 nm) atoms for example: 10,000 Silver Atoms X 2000 PPM = Approximately 20,000,000 Silver Atoms 


  • Atomic Particles are not heavy metals and have been reported to be “Silver Crystal Minerals,” aka “Trace Minerals,” and are the perfect size for the human body to utilize and put to work.


  • Silver Trace minerals do not react to the stomach acids since the particles are already reduced to the absolute smallest size that the body can put to work within 5 minutes on an empty stomach.


  • Silver Atoms will not create other harsh “chemical silver compounds that can cause long term side effects ” while in the digestion process.


  • Silver Minerals are not round, massive, and bulky like nanoparticles. Instead, they are “star-like” with sharp points that “cut” and “penetrate” into the target and not bounce off as nanoparticles do.


  • DMSO is never needed; atomic particles can infiltrate without the use of DMSO. Plus, the DMSO recommendation confirms that they have massive nanoparticles that cannot pass through anything.


  • Our High PPM Colloidal Products can be diluted, just one bottle can make hundreds of the SAFEST Low PPM Products.


  • High PPM Atomic Particle Colloids can be added to almost anything that requires water, add it to your smoothies, baked goods, or practically any type of cuisine.


Also these products can be:




Exposed to the Sun

Exposed to X rays

Exposed to UV rays

Will not spoil when exposed to the above conditions.



 Please note: Special order Items are non-returnable, non Refundable







To get the most benefits of our 100% Natural Dietary Supplements, you should avoid taking any supplements that remove the metal particles out of the body such as:


1. Vitamin C

2. Cilantro


4. Sulfur-based supplements

5. Probiotics 

They may feed and strengthen the good gut bacteria, but they will also feed and strengthen the bad.  Probiotics do not discriminate, and taking them may slow down the effectiveness of your immune support.


Our philosophy: First stop what is trying to "stop" you.


After you deal with the problem, you can return to the use of the other supplements.




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