8000 PPM Colloidal Silver - High PPM Trace Mineral Immune Support Supplement 8 oz(236 ml)

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Material Composition

Tens of thousands Silver Atoms Boned to Distilled Water Molecules via 100% Chemical Free Atomic Particle Extraction Process.

  • Non-Toxic Colloidal Silver: Get 200 Times More PPM than other brands. GoldenGevity's Atomic Particle Extraction Method binds Silver Atomic Particles (aka Trace Minerals) to Distilled Water Molecules. No chemicals or herbal extracts are ever used in the production process.
  • A Cluster Bomb Effect: Tens of Thousands of Silver Atoms are embedded in each PPM of Water Molecules that work like Cluster Bombs, they release thousands of Silver “Atomic Micro Bullets” that quickly penetrate the Invading Radicals.
  • Non-Metallic Silver Mineral Water: Silver in the Atomic State are Crystal minerals that measure 0.1 nm, the smallest size ever achieved. Silver Crystals have sharp points and edges that rip, shred, penetrate, and create openings into stubborn, pesky, infesting anomalies.
  • Keep Your Hair and Optimize Your Health: Nanoparticles can cause hair loss and/or premature gray hair; they can cause long-term side effects to the kidneys and liver. The TOXICITY problem is solved with Atomic Size Silver Crystal Minerals, the perfect size to assimilate and expel.
  • GoldenGevity is NOT REQUIRED to use Glass Bottles because we do not use chemicals that can cause the leaching effect in plastic containers. While Other brands are required to use Glass bottles, we use Safe Food Grade PET or PETE polyester bottles.
  • GoldenGevity has Perfected Colloidal Silver in every way with the smallest particle size, verifiable PPM, and practically organic products that meet and exceed Rice Universities' 2012 Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver study. "Made in California," the ONLY state that enforces FDA Rules and Guidelines.