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MindBalance - A Special Proprietary Blend Pure Antioxidants 16 Oz

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 Product Description

mind-balance-2018-4wb.jpgMindBalance™ - A  Dietary Supplement with a Special Proprietary Blend Pure Antioxidants for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.


One of the ways to restore homeostasis (the natural state of balance) in our bodies is to balance the electrical charges within.

*Colloidal metals present an exciting opportunity to achieve this goal by virtue of their antioxidant properties. Mind Balance is a unique proprietary blend of pure metal antioxidants which function to scavenge reactive oxidative species in our body. Antioxidants are substances which are capable of stabilizing or deactivating reactive oxidative species (also known as free radicals) before they exert their damaging effects on human cells. Reactive oxidative species have been implicated in a wide variety of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

*Furthermore, disruptions in the homeostasis between ROS and antioxidants can cause mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and restlessness. Antioxidants have been shown to reduce the number of free radicals within the body by scavenging them, or by metal ion chelating.

In this product description, we will be explaining the basis of antioxidants, and why the MindBalance blend is ideal in boosting overall health and preventing disease.

*The MindBalance blend has been specifically designed and curated for people who are experiencing neurological or mood disorders. We have researched and chosen only the most efficacious metallic atomic particles for their antioxidant properties and the benefits they bring to one’s mind.

Free Radicals (Reactive Oxidative Species)

Reactive Oxidation Species (ROS) are comprised of molecules derived from oxygen. ROS are also produced as intermediate molecules of metal catalyzed oxidative reactions. The reduction of oxygen by the addition of electrons allows for a whole host of ROS molecules to be formed; some of these are displayed below.

In controlled proportions, ROS confer a variety of benefits to the human body, such as deliberate cell survival or death (apoptosis). However, if there is a greater than usual proportion of ROS, this can lead to cell damage. Cells are exposed to oxidative stress when there is an excess of free radicals/ROS. Since overproduction of ROS has been intrinsically linked with many degenerative diseases and cancers, the balance between production and scavenging of ROS is absolutely vital in ensuring systemic health.

When the balance is tilted to favor production of ROS, we see gross multi-systemic cellular damage. When this is so, antioxidants can be useful in restoring balance to the body (what we term as homeostasis), by mopping up excess ROS. In people who suffer from chronic inflammatory neuro-degenerative diseases, they may see improvements in their neurological and mood symptoms once this balance has been restored.


*Antioxidants can be found abundantly in nature. Many naturally occurring antioxidants can be found in commonly consumed food products all around the world including sunflower seeds, caraway seeds, black pepper, ginger, licorice root, ginseng and poppy seeds. These compounds can be ingested in their natural or chemically extracted forms.


The Uniqueness of Atomic Particles

*At GoldenGevity we have always held a deep respect and sense of admiration for natural health therapies. Nature holds the key to healthy living, and we have been blessed to have been raised upon her. After researching the myriad benefits of naturally occurring metals, we took it upon ourselves to go further than anyone else has before.

Magnesium: Magnesium is probably one of the most indispensable elements in view of its role in the basic nucleic acid chemistry in all living cells. In humans, over 300 enzymes require magnesium for catalysis of their reactions. Deficiencies in magnesium can lead to deleterious effects in cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic functionalities.

Gold: As perhaps the oldest and anciently prescribed medicine, gold has been seen as beneficial to health since ancient times. In fact, in the 19th century it was dubbed “nervine” – and believed to be therapeutic for nervous disorders such as epilepsy and migraine.

Platinum: Platinum based agents are routinely used in chemotherapeutic regimes (e.g. Cisplatin). It has shown excellent activity against some tumor cells in cancer trials.

Titanium: Because of its inert properties, titanium is used to construct medical implants and is also used in the development of surgical tools. Titanium nanoparticles are also used to deliver drugs as they are bio-compatible with humans.

Iridium: Iridium is used as an anti-cancer agent in the form of radiotherapy. Specifically, it has been used for prostate cancer and cervical cancer brachytherapy.

Rhodium: Traditionally used in jewelry and for decorative purposes, rhodium is used to give ornamental metals a luster and shine, or to protect against tarnish. It is a rare element and is thought to have significant antioxidant potential.

Ruthenium: Ruthenium is an uncommon transition metal that belongs to the Platinum group. Like Platinum and Titanium, it is an inert metal. It is also thought to have significant antioxidant properties.


Strength of Ingredients: 

  • Gold...............500 PPM
  • Platinum.......1000 PPM
  • Iridium...........250 PPM
  • Rhodium.........250 PPM
  • Ruthenium......250 PPM
  • Magnesium....1000 PPM
  • Titanium...... 1000 PPM
  • Pure Distilled Water


Platinum Group: Total of 1750 ppm (Platinum 1000 ppm, Iridium 250 ppm, Rhodium 250 ppm, Ruthenium 250 ppm)


The Novelty of Atomic Particles

*While most companies aim to go big, we turned that concept on its head and decided to go micro. An atomic particle is even smaller than a nanoparticle. When we say small, we mean really small! For example, our Atomic particles are approximately hundreds of thousands of times smaller than nanoparticles. This has two implications on the body. First, it means that there is optimal bio-availability.

The smaller the particle, the more likely it is to seamlessly permeate through our tiniest blood vessels (capillaries and arterioles) and into the tiniest pathogens (especially viruses). Because of the atomic size, our Atomic particles are able to infiltrate pathogens not only at the cellular level, but at the sub cellular level as well.

Secondly, it also implies that our product may be the safest in the market. This is because, the smaller the particle, the less likely it is to be entrapped by our main metabolizer (the liver), as well as our main purifiers (the kidneys). This is relevant, especially when other companies peddle metal supplements which have much larger molecular sizes, and therefore have immense potential to cause toxicity in the form of liver or renal failure.

Natural Health enthusiasts can finally consume naturally occurring metals in their safest possible form and enjoy all the benefits nature has to offer.

Furthermore, as a natural immune supplement company, we take immense pride in our work. Our processes are completely chemical-free and practically organic. We do not engage in dangerous or unethical practices in this novel application of naturally occurring metals. There are absolutely no added substances, chemicals or toxins to our pure Atomic particles.


*If you are allergic to any metal compounds, or have any underlying metabolic or liver disease, please consult your physician before consuming this product. If you are taking any medications, please also consult your physician before consumption of this product, as some metals may interfere with the metabolism of drugs.

*If you are currently being evaluated or treated for depression, anxiety, or any mental illness or neurological disorders, please consult your physician before consuming this product. Customers are advised not to stop their routine medications before consulting their doctor.


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*This product and statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or to prescribe medication for a treatment. You should always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or supplementation program. Product availability, pricing and promotions are subject to change without notice. 

 Product Reviews

  1. awsome

    Posted by andrew on 8th Mar 2017

    I don't even workout but using this product at night and aura balance in the morning 2 teaspoons of each with ubiquinol and pqq I have gained 30 pounds of muscle, vivid dreams that include childhood memories my brain is working like a supercomputer and everything is rebuilding, wonderful stuff!

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