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10,000 PPM Colloidal Silver 4 Oz

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10,000 PPM Colloidal Silver 4 Oz

Colloidal Silver Suspended in Distilled Water in a Four (4) Oz. (125 ml) bottle.

Strength: 10,000 PPM that can be used straight or diluted to your desired custom PPM.

Particle Size:  *0.1 nm = Atomic Size Particles, which can be hundreds of thousands of times smaller than nanoparticle products.

Purity:   *Distilled water and Silver Particles, No chemicals, No Cyanide, No Embalming Fluid (Yes! Other manufacturers use these chemicals), No Hydroxides, No Silver Proteins, No Chlorides, NO Nitrates no Organic Herbal extracts, because they still contain salts and other minerals that create other chemical compounds while in the digestion process, which can create toxicity.

The Process: The process is proprietary and 100% Natural if not organic!

Our methods are unique and connect Atomic Particles to Water Molecule Clusters, each Water Molecule Cluster is considered to be ONE PPM and can be verified with a TDS meter. This is important because other companies that claim to have high PPM, when tested with a TDS Meter have a much lower PPM than what they advertise. 

The solutions have the same look and feel as crystal clear water, yet, it has an actual taste. Some describe it as a citrus others as a salty taste, but it does not have any citrus or salt. The process avoids the use of chemical compounds or herbal derivatives and which renders the most natural if not organic colloidal product in the industry.

The Products Can Be Diluted:  *Most of our customers have taken these wonderful products at their PPM Value. With no problem whatsoever, if you wish to dilute, just add water, or distilled water, and can also create your Custom PPM to fit your needs. With just one 16 Ounce Bottle, you can make hundreds of bottles of low PPM colloidal silver. 

 Learn more about Atomic Particle High PPM Colloidal Silver Here

 This is a Special Order Item.


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    It helps with many issues

    Posted by Slavi on 8th Mar 2021

    Thank you so much for fast shipping&delivery. We have used the Goldengevity colloidal silver 4000PPM before. And it did help with infections, rashes and all skin blemishes.  Whenever having redness, itchiness I would spray so it healed much faster. It helps with fast healing of minor cuts or wounds too. I would also spray once into our cat's water bowl occasionally to ease her cough. The strength of the 10000PPM is noticeable but has actually no real taste. It can be diluted with distilled water. We are using it also as it is for healing of wounds etc. My husband has started taking it along with CanCleanse a teaspoon twice a day. Thankful for this great product.

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